Marquee, manufactures commonly used architectural products (Louvers & Fins) in the Indian market.


— Branding 
— Website 
— Marketing collateral

Fins are seen on the exterior façade of buildings, they are an assortment of openings in thin slats which are intended to protect the building from heat & rain as well as for light distribution. Apart from that, they are usually also used to cover the building ducts. They lend a sleek and modern look to structures which they comprise and adorn. Fins represent the new urbanism. A brand was needed to help communicate the unique aesthetic of the product and attract interest from potential developers across India.

First of it's kind
Marquee is the first company to promote it’s contemporary uPVC products in a luxurious light. 

The arrangement of the openings on the logotype is directly related to the visual aesthetics of fins poised on the building façade.

The fins are made from uPVC. A man-made substance is known for its rigidity, strong resistance against chemicals, sunlight, and oxidation from water. An artistic rendition of a diamond in the “Q” was used to imply it.

The crown in the logo symbolized the premium quality of the products & services offered.

Four SublogosFour Sublogos

The key was to develop the company’s brand image to better reflect its high quality, premium products. We implemented a bolder, more luxurious aesthetic across all touch points including developing the website and marketing collateral.

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Marketing Collaterals
We developed a clean, light look and feel, filling the brochure with photography to evoke the sense of the modern lifestyle, that the product has to offer.
The photo book was divided into four segments, with louvers & fins being most important. A small write-up marked the beginning of each section.

Since we launched the refreshed Marquee the company has received unprecedented order levels, including a spike in national markets.
This has led to a 57% increase in sales in under two years.